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Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigation

Is your wife or husband cheating on you? If you’re suspicious, you probably have reason – spouses know each other intimately. Any change from routine that you notice is worth investigating. Husbands who suspect their wife of cheating are right 50% of the time. For wives suspecting husbands, it’s 85%.

And for actual affairs? For husbands, research says as many as 72% (Hite) have had affairs outside their marriage. For wives, as few as 25%, as many as 70%. And the statistics do not even include emotional affairs, Internet affairs, phone affairs and the buying of sex.

Warning signs:

  • Changes in appearance; buying new clothes (especially new underwear);
  • Finding a new, secret cellular telephone
  • Suspicious Internet use
  • Changes in grooming habits
  • Late hours that are a change in routine
  • Secretive telephone conversations
  • Suspicious charge account activity; new credit cards
  • A new cologne, a new perfume

How we can help:

Investigating on your own is risky. Not only because of the risk of getting caught snooping, or the potential for violence. But there are some very good reasons to consider hiring a private investigator. What you find in your own investigation is probably not admissible in court. What an investigator finds can be presented in a child custody fight, or in a state where fault needs to be established. And you yourself don’t have the electronic means, investigation experience, and ability to conduct surveillance.

It’s much wiser in the long run to hire a private investigator.

If there is no affair, you will be reassured. If there is an affair, you can make appropriate plans, including financial moves to fund counseling or a possible divorce proceeding

Deciding to hire a private investigator is not devious, dishonest or unfaithful. Call for a quote. We can discuss surveillance options. Turnaround time for a report depends on the length and extent of our surveillance.

It’s better to know.

For Your Information

  1. Conducted in the county where the subject resides. Additional searches available.
  2. We conduct one search based on the name and address provided.
  3. Must meet FCRA requirements.
  4. Restrictions apply, call for details.
  5. Additional services are available. Contact us for a free consultation.

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